Sunday, April 22, 2012

Merge the Two PDF Files into One


Q: Can I merge the two PDF files into one 3D page flip book?

When you want to convert your PDF files to a 3D page flip, you may have some needs which are not the same as the ordinary one. Sometimes you want to merge two PDF files into one and you don’t know how to do it, or even don’t know whether the 3D Page Flip Book have the function to cater your need.

Now I can tell you sincerely that the 3D Page Flip Book surely have the function to help you merge two PDF files in one flipping book. What’s more, it enable you to merge PDF files with the quantity you need.
Now the information in detail will be shown below.

Step 1: Add the PDF file you want.

Step 2: Set the details of your future 3d page flip book, including the 3d page flip Books’ title, 3d page flip book’s file name, output type and so on.

Step3: The key step of all – check ‘Merge All PDF Files’.

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