Friday, June 29, 2012

How to design function buttons in the 3D page flip book?

How to design function buttons in the 3D page flip book?

A personalized 3D page flip book must be designed as our own wishes, including every details of the book. And function buttons in the flash book is one of them! If you don’t allow people to print your flash book which has published, you can hide the Print button. If you want to make your book popular, you can show your Share button to let others share your digital book more easily and frequently! But if you don’t need to make your flipbook auto flip, you can hide the related button to simplify the flash flip book tool bar. All these functions buttons can be designed by you.

flash flip book tool bar

A deeper introduction is displayed below, and I wish you can learn something you want to know here!

Step1: Launch 3D PageFlip Standard. Choose “Page Layout”, and select “Visible Buttons” to enter the buttons setting interface.

Visible Buttons in 3D digital book

Step2: Tick the buttons you want to show in the 3D digital page turning book. The buttons are Zoom Button, Auto Play Button, Info Button, Thumbnail Button, Print Button, Help Button, Tilt Angle Button, Background Sound Button, Bookmark Button, Share This Button, and Full Screen Button.

the buttons in the 3D digital page turning book

Thursday, June 28, 2012

How many ways to share my flipping book with others?

How many ways to share my flipping book with others?

Today is not your own world. If you want to make great progress or if you want to attractive more business opportunities, you need to learn how to share information with others. Take flipping book as an example. It will be a pity to enjoy reading a flipbook after converting PDF to a wonderful flash flipping book. To share with others, you can popularize your page flipping book. You can use flipbook’s turning effects and comprehensive reading function to attract more people paying attention to your book content. Then your book content will be promoted. No matter what your flipbook purpose is, it will be good for you to share your flipbook.

OK, there are many ways to share your flipping book and here will introduce some main ways.

If you use the professional format, you can find not only Social Share Button, but also Share button in your flash flip book tool bar. The button is used to help you share through Email. When you click it, an Outlook will pop up; you can follow its steps to finish sharing your flash book through an Email.


Flipbook Link:
When you click Social Share Button, the share interface will occur and you can find a flipping book link will display in the bottom of the interface. Of course this flip book should be published with HTML format. You can copy the link and send it to others. For example, send it to your customers through “Chat frames”.

Flipbook Link

Social website:
When you click Social Share Button, you can find that there are many social website display on the right side of the share interface. They are facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Yahoo and so on. You can choose any one of them to share your PDF to flip flash book. It will be very convenient for you because you just need to log in the platform and fill in main information, then you can share your PDF to flip flash book successfully.

Social website

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to make a table of content for my 3D page flip book?

How to make a table of content for my 3D page flip book?

New function in the newest version (2.0.12) of 3D PageFlip Professional to help you create flash book table of content.

In many kinds of office software, we can make a catalog for documents, such as generating a table of contents for word documents, using PDF catalog to find targeted content. Maybe some doubts will occur when you convert PDF to a flash flipping book. You may find that you lose direction when you are reading the 3d page turning book, because with the thumbnail (no word guidance but a thumbnail) you still don’t know the chapters and sections or even what the flip book frame is like. So you maybe feel a little confused to learn the book frame by turning pages from first to last.

However, there is a good new to show you here. The newest version (2.0.12) of 3D PageFlip Professional has been published and it adds table of content function to 3D page turning book. In this case, you can design a table of content for you 3d flip book as guidance for your book readers. It will support you list down your main content of each flip page. Even more, you can add child title for every item. When others read this table of contents, they can go to the related flip page quickly and directly by clicking the item.

A serious of detailed steps are displayed below to teach you add table of content to your 3D page flip book.

Step1: Launch 3D PageFlip Professional. Import PDF file. Choose “Flash Control Settings” in the navigation bar. Then click “Table of Content”. The setting interface is on the left side of the software.

Flash Control Settings

Step2: Click the first button to add an item. Then fill in its title and page number in the related blank form below. Press Enter. Then you have finished adding an item. Move on to create the second one with the same steps.

Step3: Add a child item. Select the item which you want to add child item and click the second button ”Add Child” to create a child item. Then fill in the child item title and page number in the related blank form below.

creating a table of content

Step4: after finishing creating a table of content, click “Apply”. Then a button for catalog will be generated in the 3D page flip book tool bar. Then you can use it to read your 3D flip pages more conveniently.  

Use it to read your 3D flip pages

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Easily convert PowerPoint to Flash flipping book

Easily convert PowerPoint to Flash flipping book
Vivid PowerPoint to get page flipping effects and change PowerPoint showing ways!

PowerPoint is widely use in today’s word. No matter you are a businessman, a teacher, a student or a doctor, you will find that PowerPoint is related to your life. Have you ever planned to share your PowerPoint with others? Or have you wanted to publish your PowerPoint online? Maybe you can send it as an attachment through email or upload it to slideshare website and so on.

Wait! Here I will introduce you another way to show your wonderful PowerPoint to others. Just convert it into a flipping book. Then you PowerPoint will become different. It’s no more slides, it become real-book like! People can turn PowerPoint page as turning a book page. What’s more, this page turning book allows you to publish it online with rich content. You can retain link in your PowerPoint flip page. you can get a lot of functions through the flipping book tool bar.

Effects of PowerPoint to flipping book

Now, let’s see how to convert it into Flash flipping book!

Install PageFlip PPT to Flash:
Click here to download a free trail

Import PowerPoint:

Import PowerPoint

Design Flash flipping book:
Set book page width, margin, page shadow, background picture and music to page flipping book.
Set flash book button, links and font and so on!

Design Flash flipping book

Convert PowerPoint to flash flipping book:
Three publish options to choose: HTML, ZIP, EXE.

Convert PowerPoint to flash flipping book

Get to our PDF to PageFlip Book software:

Monday, June 25, 2012

How to convert PowerPoint to stunning 3D flip book?

How to convert PowerPoint to stunning 3D flip book?

3D PageFlip book software to create page turning book with 3D effects from PowerPoint.

PowerPoint is a kind of presentation tool used widely in our life. People design beautiful PowerPoint works and share with others through a speech or other ways. But wait! Have you ever thought of making it a stunning 3D digital publication with real-book like?

Just convert it to a page turning book and publish it online (or mail it to your friend, or burn to CD) to show your PowerPoint content. In this way, people will view your PowerPoint with another kind of feeling. They can turn the PowerPoint page by dragging page corner. They can rotate the PowerPoint book to get 3D effects and wonderful vision. They can zoom in flip book page to view small words in PowerPoint. They can print the targeted page as they like easily. They even can see thumbnails when they click the related button in the flip book tool panel.

PowerPoint to 3D page flip book

Anyway, a 3D flip book from PowerPoint is attractive. An overturning of conventional PowerPoint reading forms brings every reader another reading experience and special vision. It’s simple for you or me to create such 3D page flip book. Let’s begin here:

Install 3D PageFlip for PowerPoint (have a free trail here), run the software and import a PowerPoint from your computer.

import a PowerPoint from your computer

Design layout of your PowerPoint 3D flipbook. You can import images as its background. You can insert music as its background sound. You can give the flip a Page thickness. You can also change the tool bar color. More detailed settings all depend on your imagination.

Design layout of your PowerPoint 3D flipbook

Publish the designed 3D page flip book with the right format. Three publish options are for you to choose.
HTML: help you publish online
ZIP and EXE: Share friend through email. Support reading on any computer without this flipbook software.

Publish the designed 3D page flip book

OK! With these easy steps, you have create a stunning 3D page flip book from PowerPoint!

3D page flip book from PowerPoint

Thursday, June 21, 2012

How to add flash to background of PDF to flip book?

Always we design a flipbook background with some simple color or images. We satisfy with the current situation and have no imagination to take a change. Maybe a beautiful picture is a good choice to vivid your PDF to flash flipping book. Moreover, a lively flash floating in your flash book background will be more eye-catching, isn’t it?

Questions may hit your mind. Is that possible? Of course you can do it. Just need to find suitable flash resource and import it to your flipping book as a background. Then your page flip book will never be dull! Let’s take a further learning in the following text.

Step One: Prepare designing. Run the PageFlip PDF to Flash software and import PDF. Go to ‘Designing Setting’ panel and find out background setting options.

‘Designing Setting’ panel

Step Two: Find out background setting options in ‘Flash Display Settings>Background Config’. Click ‘Background file’ to choose the flash file (SWF format) from your computer.

choose the flash file (SWF format) from your computer

Step Three: Change the background color to fit the flash. As the example shows, you can choose gradient blue to describe beautiful scenery that peach trees are in full bloom under blue sky.

design gradient background

Step Four: you can make more detailed settings for your flash flipping book. Such as font color, bar color, thumbnail background color and so on. Take a little time to improve your PDF to flip book layout and make it different from others.

more detailed settings for your flash flipping book

Get to our PDF to PageFlip Book software:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How To Display Images In The Flip Page By Myself?

How To Display Images In The Flip Page By Myself?

A further learning to create wonderful vision when you convert images to a 3D page flip book.

Images are something records our life. We take photos, collect photos and some day we want to show it to others. We may have many ways to display all these images, such as out it in our blog or upload it to a photo album of our personal space. In another way, we can use 3D PageFlip for Image to convert it into a page flip book because it’s a new and creative way to show your images. With the images flip book, others can view your images with page turning experience. He can have a good enjoy in the 3D vision.
So how can you display images in the flip page by yourself?
OK, let take a further learn now.

Firstly, start up your 3D PageFlip for Image. And press ‘Setting’ in your home panel of the page turning book software.

Display Images In The Flip Page

Secondly, choose ‘Common Setting>Page Settings’ and the detailed options will be displayed on the right of the setting window.

Display Images In The Flip Page

Page size: You can define the page size for each flip page. There are comprehensive size options to choose. Absolutely if you still find no one fits your ideal flip page, you can customize by yourself.

Orientation: Tick landscape to get a wide vision.Tick Portrait to get an elongated vision.

Margin: define page margin for each flip page and the space between images. It’s good way to adjust the position of images.

Page Layout: You can define the quantity of images in each page, you can define its columns and rows to get the best layout.

Image Position: Stretch to fit the screen and Fit to keep the orient size of the images.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to take a batch conversion to flash books from your PDF files

How to take a batch conversion to flash books from your PDF files
– Convert several PDF files to Flash flip book at the same time.

Absolutely, a batch conversion from PDF to flip book is required today. If you want to show several PDF file online with page flip effect, you need to convert it one by one. However, if you just convert four or five PDF files, it would not be hesitated to create flash flip books with repetitive steps. Once you need to convert twenty or more PDF files, making it one by one will not be a smart choice.

Here I want to introduce a batch conversion function in the PDF to flip flash software. It will help you simplify your conversion steps when you want to create several flip books at one time. It just needs you to add PDF files from your computer then make some settings about the details of flip books and last convert all the PDF to flash flip book by clicking the conversion button.

Here is the Batch Convert interface, let’s study it from here.

1. Add PDF Document
You can add and remove the PDF file.
You can order the PDF file by move them up and down.
Even more, you can import a group of PDF files from a folder at the same time.

2. Settings
Here you can choose output type for your all PDF to Flash books.
You can select the output path and save the future flipping book in the right place with right flip book file name. you can set the flip book HTML title through some options, such as setting the name by following the name of original PDF title. It’s easily for you to unify the title by least steps. Finally, you can merge all PDF files if you just want to create one PDF.

3. Convert to Flash
Press ‘Convert to Flash’ to start creating flash flip book and press ‘Stop’ to end your conversion. It’s flexible to control your conversion process.  

Get to our PDF to PageFlip Book software:

Monday, June 18, 2012

How to set different background song for each page of flip book?

Do you enjoy listening to music when you are doing some reading? The feeling is just like suitable music occurred when scene change in the movie. For example, Terrorist voice come out with the ghost occurred, joyful music play with the happy mood of the host. So, this is the same with your 3d page flipbook. You can allocate different style of music to the page of the flip book. When the page describes the happy story, you can insert a light music, if the flip page show people sad story, you can give it sad background music to render atmosphere. What’s more, you can control the music, make it play when somebody enter the page and make it stop when he goes out of the page.

OK, let start to learn how to set different background song for each page of 3D flip book. Make sure you have installed

Enter Flip Page editor from ‘Page Edit’ button in the navigation bar. Then let’s begin from the first page. Find out the ‘Add sound’ in the floating tool bar. Click it to draw a music player on the flip book page. Then select a music file by double-click the music player or through the ‘sound path’ in ‘Properties of sound’.

You can design the Width of the music player from ‘Properties of sound>width’. Of course you can change the color of the music player from ‘Properties of sound>skin color’. Have you seen the action option in the ‘Properties of sound’? It would help you control when and how to play background music.

After knowing about all the settings, you can move to the second flip page and add music for it. And then the third page… Finally, you will get a vivid 3d page flip book with rich and colorful flip book content.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

How to add interactive link objects to the flash flip book?

How to add interactive link objects to the flash flip book?
– Open a new window(video, text, SWF) when you click targeted objects you setted

What can a flash flipping book do? It’s not only a book that converted from PDF, but also a book injected many interactive effects which bring us more convenience reading experience. What are these effects are? Here I will introduce Link objects. When you add a link to the flip page of the flash book, what would you think of? A website? Of course add link to website is a function in the flip book. What’s more, link to open a window which allows you to show video, text, SWF in this window! These further functions in PDF to flip book are not difficult to make it come true.
Every point to add interactive link objects will be shown below, what you need first is the PDF to Flash Professional software.

Run the software to import your PDF file, and then let’s start from ‘Edit Pages’.

Choose ‘Add link‘ in the tool panel and draw an object that means when you click the object, something will happen.

Move to the right of the flip page editing interface, you can see the Link Properties. Input your ‘Hint’. That means if your mouse move to the frame object, a prompt box will appear with the content your input in the ‘Hint’.

Choose ‘Action Options’, to make further design. Select ‘Open Flash Window’ option. The new setting window ‘Open Window Action Properties’ will occur, and then you can see window type options. This is options for you to choose video, text and SWF in your link object.

OK, you have finished setting. The effects are displayed below.

Get to our PDF to PageFlip Book software:

Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to Make a funny children page flip book with flash and 3d effects?

How to Make a funny children page flip book with flash and 3d effects?

- Use 3D PageFlip Professional to add vivid element to the flipping page 

We all like funny and interesting things, even children. If you would like your children to read a book, you may draw their attention to the book. First, make them interesting, then you can encourage them to read and learn knowledge more easily.

Let’s take an English eBook for children as an example. How to make a funny children page flip book with flash and 3d effects? Let’s start from here.

1.Preparation: Find the original PDF file first. Install the relative flip book software; here 3D PageFlip Professional will be a better choice than any other software.

Run 3D PageFlip Professional and import the PDF file to the flip book. Here will be a benefit for you. You have no need to import the pages you don’t want. Then the book will be more concise and less elephantine. So I choose the most important pages to import.

2. Layout: move to ‘Page Layout’ and choose an image from the ‘Background Config>Picture’. And change tool bar color to fit the background color. Of course you can make further design if you have time, such as 3d flip book angle, background music, and flip page thickness.

3. Editing page: enter ‘Edit Pages’ in Home toolbar. Insert a flash to vivid the flip page, such as waving grass. Don’t know how to add flash, go to FAQ: Can I add flash to the 3D page flip book pages?

4. Add a slide show in the flip book page to help children learn more. Of course you can insert the slide show through image or through a link.
FAQ( 3.How to add photo slide show to 3d page flip book? ) to see how to add photo slide show from an image.

Even you can add movie tutorial or children’s songs to the 3d flip page. all your hard work for the digital book will be the richer content than other usual books.
At last, don’t forget to save and convert it to a 3D page flipping book!

Of course this designing can be used in other field, such as a digital product brochure or photos online magazines.
OK! The children’s eBook has finished and you can view the effect from here: Children 3D Page Flip book.