Friday, April 27, 2012

Make a auto scale for the 3d page flip book

Q: How to make a auto scale for the 3d page flip book?

When you are making a page turning book, you will consider the flash flipping book size as an important factor. As we know, not all the computer monitor of other people, even other mobile phones are the same size. So we should make the book more suitable to the size of the screen that everyone can read the 3d page flip book comfortably.

The ‘Auto Scale’ function in the 3D pageflip software is somewhat to help you adjust the book size. You can find how to make a setting and know more about the effect of Auto Scale from the following introduction.

Step one: Enter the main interface of your 3D PageFlip Standard. Get to ‘setting’ of the navigation bars and find the ‘Scale And Page Thickness’ and you can see ‘Auto Scale’ button. Click it.

Step two: Choose ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for ‘Auto Scale’. Then you can get the bigger book size or the suitable book size. The book will be bigger if you choose ‘No’. don’t forget to click ‘Apply Change’.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Set the Page Thickness for the 3D Page Flip Book

Q: Can I set the page thickness for the 3D page flip book?

Have you found that your 3D page flip book is thin and feel like nothing? Have you thought it too thin to have 3D effect? That is the problem in your page flip book’s page thickness. It is no doubt that you can set the thickness to your 3D page turning book when you convert your PDF to flash book. I believe the book will look more solid and book-like after you set a suitable book page thickness

Now follow the steps below and it would give you navigation to help you make your flash flip book more realistic.

Step1: start up your 3D PageFlip software, and turn to the second column ‘setting’ in the navigation bar. Then you can find the page thickness setting button in the ‘Scale And Page Thickness’.

Step2: Fill in the space with the number. The bigger the number is, the thicker the page flip book will be. Remember to click ‘Apply’ after your settings.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Build PDF for Each Image in the 3DPageFlip for Image

Q: Can I build PDF for each image in the 3DPageFlip for Image before creating page flip book?

Hello! When you are using the 3DPageFlip for Image, you may be interesting in the way the page flip software works. I would introduce the working principle here. First, it converts the images you added into PDF. Then it converts the PDF into a  page flip  book. In this case, you can use the 3DPageFlip for Image for two purposes. One is to change images to PDF and another is to change images to page turning book or flip gallery.

When you want to change images to PDF, you will have some special requirements, such as build PDF for each image. Absolutely the software has the function. You can not only convert all the images to one PDF file, but also create PDF for each image.

Now follow the steps below to find out how to do it.

Step1: Get to the third column in the bars and choose ‘Built PDF for each Image’ from the Pull-down Menu.

Step2: You can find the interface as below after the first steps. Set the names of the output PDF and the output path for the PDF. Click ‘BUILD’ and you can finish your conversion!

set information to PDF

Q: Can I set information to PDF when I convert photos to PDF in 3D Pageflip for Image?

3D Pageflip for Image can help you convert your photos to PDF when you are making a page flipping book. A PDF file represent its creator and the file information can tell others about what this PDF talk about and what the meaning is. So setting the information in the PDF will become the need in converting photos into PDF file.

Now you can find how to setting information for PDF in the following steps.

Step1: start up your 3D Pageflip for Image, turn to the navigation bars and click ‘Settings’. Or you can get to the tool bar on the top of the navigation bars and enter ‘Action>setting’.

Step2: you can enter the setting interface after you finish the first step. Then you can choose the ‘additions>Properties’ and come to PDF information setting. In this case, you can type in your title, subject, author, keywords of your PDF file.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Can I set watermark to the photos that I convert to flipping book?

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Q: Can I set watermark to the photos that I convert to flipping book?

With the 3DPageFlip software you can make flipping book with all kinds of files. And images are one of them. Download the 3DPageFlip Image and you can convert the images to a flash flipping book. Once you want to protect your flip book work, you would like to set watermark to the photos. The software surely can help you with this.

Make sure you know when you add pictures in the software, it firstly convert it into a PDF file, secondly to a flipping book. In this first step you can add watermark through the watermark setting functions. The detailed steps are shown below:

Step1: Find ‘setting’ button in the navigation bars and click. Then you will enter the setting interface. Turn to the left of the interface and check ‘Addition>Watermark’.

Step 2: You can select a watermark template you like and then make a further edit and setting through double clicking the templates you select.

Step3: You can type in the watermark text, change font size, color, modify position in margins and even tile style just according your preference.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Merge the Two PDF Files into One


Q: Can I merge the two PDF files into one 3D page flip book?

When you want to convert your PDF files to a 3D page flip, you may have some needs which are not the same as the ordinary one. Sometimes you want to merge two PDF files into one and you don’t know how to do it, or even don’t know whether the 3D Page Flip Book have the function to cater your need.

Now I can tell you sincerely that the 3D Page Flip Book surely have the function to help you merge two PDF files in one flipping book. What’s more, it enable you to merge PDF files with the quantity you need.
Now the information in detail will be shown below.

Step 1: Add the PDF file you want.

Step 2: Set the details of your future 3d page flip book, including the 3d page flip Books’ title, 3d page flip book’s file name, output type and so on.

Step3: The key step of all – check ‘Merge All PDF Files’.

Define My 3d Books’ Name

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Q: How can I define my 3d books’ name when I make a batch conversion?

Always we may have to convert several pdf files at one time. After converting them to flipping book, we may find it troublesome to change the name of the flipping book files and modify the title of the HTML files. The 3d pageflip software has the feature to help you to solve this problem. It’s convenient for you to set the file name and the title name before conversion.

Now the steps will be showed below, just follow it.

Step 1: Modify the name of your pdf files. The name must be the files’ name or HTML title you want to get after conversion.

Step 2: Check ‘File Name’ and ‘HTML Title’. Choose ‘PDF FileName’.

Step 3: Finish setting, you can convert the pdf file and then you can find the result as below.

Convert Several PDF Files to 3d Flipping Book

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Q: How can I convert several pdf files to 3d flipping book?

Do you find it boring to convert several pdf flies to 3d flash flip books? You have to do repetitive operation to convert every pdf flies. It takes you too much time to do that.

Now let me show you a method to solve this problem and save you time.

Follow the steps below and you can finish your conversion with just several seconds.

Step1:  Set the style of your future 3d books first, including the background, the menu bar color, background music and so on. One thing I would mention here is that the template you set now will be the same template for each 3d book you are going to make.

Step2: Check ‘Batch Convert’. And add the pdf files.

Step3: Make the settings you need on the right.

Step4: Click the button ‘Convert to 3d PageFlip Book’.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Make a Theme by Myself

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Q: Can I use a picture to make a theme by myself?

The answer is ‘Yes’!

Do you find it boredom to design your 3d book background? Do you want to save your templates you set through your pageflip software? Are you confident with the templates you made? Have you found that your templates were more satisfied than the ones offered online?

OK, it will be no problem for you to save your own 3D book templates. Now follow the steps below.

Step 1: Check Page Layout and choose the picture you selected.

Step 2: Set the toolbar color to make it suitable to your picture.

Step 3: Check ‘Home’ and click ‘Export Theme’. Select your folder.

Reduce 3d Book File's Size

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Q: Can I make my 3d books file a little smaller?

Yes, absolutely you can.

The size of 3d book file is determined by you. Necessarily you should learn why the file is big and what you should do when you convert a pdf file to a 3d flipping book.

As we know, the bigger the file is, the higher quality the 3d book will be. So when you want to reduce the 3d book file, you need to make carefully consideration. Does the result effect your business? If the answer is YES, I will suggest you to take a zip file for your flipping book.

Now, I am sure that you are clear about this, follow the next steps to change the size of your flipping book file.

Step1: Before you import your file, you can find the tab 'quality and size' and select the one you need.

  • Step 2: You can choose the render engine to import your file. As the picture shows below, diffierent render engine is of different file quality and different file size. The first one is the suggested one because it has the great quality with suitable file size.

Set a Watermark on My 3d Flipping Books

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How can I set a watermark on my 3d flipping books?

 3d page flip software has several features to help you DIY your unique flipping books. And setting watermark on your ebooks is one of the personalized features. Sometimes you have needs to show your customers with your own logo watermark on your pdf files. Sometimes you want to protect your copyright of the ebooks. The software will help you access your needs.

How do you achieve this? Maybe you are not sure where the function key is. Don’t be hesitated to follow the steps below. Then you can get the answer yourself.

    • 1. Open the 3d pageflip software and import a pdf file. But wait! Click ‘Set Watermark’ before you click ‘import now’.

    • 2. Check ‘Applying Watermark’. Click ‘Add Text watermark’.

    • 3. You will find the interface as below. Design the detail of the watermark by yourself and don’t forget to named your watermark. Then click ‘OK’.

    • 4.Find your watermark and check.

    • 5.Finsh your settings and import your pdf.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Make My eBooks Flip

Q: How many ways are there to make my ebooks flip?

Why do we use the 3d page flip software to convert pdf to flipping books? Maybe one of the reasons is that we can have a good view and unique experience when we reading the file. It means the way you read the ebooks is not the same as the traditional one.

Now let me show you three ways to make the pages flip when you are reading a flipping book.

Method 1:

Click the page coner and drag the mouse, then you will find that the page is flipping with your mouse.

Method 2:

Click the button ‘next page’ under the 3d books and it will turn to next page.

Method 3:

Click the button ‘play’ in the bottom of the interface. And it will flip from the first page to the last page automatically.

Make a Link to My Website

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Can I make a link to my website when I convert my pdf file to 3d book?

Yes, of course you can!

3d pageflip book has this feature to cater to your needs. It’s not only easily to learn, but also conveniently to use.

There is a way to help you solve this problem. You can use your logo smartly and make a link to your website on the logo. How can you achieve that? I think it’s not a problem for you! Just follow the steps below.

Step1: Click the bottom named ‘Page Layout’ of the main menu bar on the top of the interface. Then you can find the menu bar as the picture below.

Step2: Select your logo picture. Pay attention to the size of the picture, it can’t be bigger than 165*35. Then you will find your logo on the left corner of the flip book page.

Step3: Move to the blank space of ‘Link’ and fill with you website.

Step4: In the end, remember to press the bottom ‘Apply Change’.

Define the Flipping Speed of The 3d Book

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How can I define the flipping speed of the 3d book when it is flipping automatically?

It is possible that 3D Page Flit can bring a lot of convenient to your work, such as flipping without any control. However, have you ever found that the 3d book was flipping so quickly when you clicked the bottom PLAY? Do you want to make it flip a little more slowly? Or do you want to set a suitable flipping speed which fit your style? Don’t be worry! Just define the 3D Page Flit by yourself.

Now follow the steps below and you will find the answer!

  1. 1.Look at the main menu, find ‘setting’ and click.
  2. 2.Move to ‘Auto Flip- Flip Interval’ and fill in the blank with the right number. It would help you to define the speed according to your attention. The bigger number you set, the larger flipping speed you will get.

3.Don’t forget to click ‘Apply Change’ to make it operate.