Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Most Effective Digital Marketing Instruments Page Flip eBrochure & eCatalog

Nowadays, it is well known that how important digital marketing is. Thanks to the rapid development of technology, we can make our business global and sell it to the world through the Internet online. Anyway, more and more companies are carving out virtual space to respond to customers, build connection with customer and tell their brand story in a visually-engaging way. As we know there are many useful and helpful digital marketing instruments in the market. Then in the article, we will take the most effective digital marketing instruments page flip ebrochure and ecatalog for example.

Select Page Flip Brochure or Catalog Software

In the beginning, you should select appropriate page flip software to create page flip ebrochure and shoppabledigital catalog for your business. Here I recommend PUB HTML5. PUB HTML5 is powerful page flip software for creating impressive page flip eBrochure and eCatalog from PDF, MS office and images with simple steps.

Create Wonderful Content for Digital Marketing

In order to stand out above the digital marketing, you’d better to create attractive, interactive and responsive content of digital catalog and brochure. With PUB HTML5, powerful animation editor allows you to insert animation multimedia contents including video, text, image, hotspot and more into page flip brochure. Then you are able to customize timeline among different animation multimedia contents. In addition, PUB HTML5 provides you a simple way to add action and event editor above inserted objects.

Reach your Audiences Easily

Combine different digital marketing tools, it may have unexpected surprise and harvest. For example, you can share your page flip brochure and shoppable digital catalog to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and more. Furthermore, you can have a try of embedding page flip catalog or brochure into Tumblr or email to your customers. However, they will be an effective way to get closer to your customers.

Get Feedback from Customer

Anyway, the feedback from customer is quite important for adopting highlight points of digital marketing strategy. Then you can insert Google Analytics ID into page flip book by PUB HTML5, so you can track the performance of digital publication in different platform. After that, you can analytics the data and adopt the content for digital marketing. 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to earn profits from your multimedia online magazine

Lots of publishers and marketers now publish e-magazine, e-catalog, or other e-publications on the web. And they wonder how to efficiently earn profits from their e-publications. Generally there are two methods to make profits. You may charge readers of accessing to your e-magazine. Or you may charge none accessing fees, earning profits by selling products on your magazine and bringing web traffics to your web store. Whatever the methods, some notions should be kept in mind to win more credits and earn better profits from your e-magazine.

First always know the interests of yourclients. Knowing the interests of your target clients is the crucial part of earning profits. Some people prefer fashion issue. Some are passionate about sports, and some like financial conditions. So when you're designing the contents of your e-magazine, you should meet the demand of your clients and always deliver the contents they are best interested in. Google Analytics is a great tool of tracing the behavior of your clients.

Second, build up your brand and market your brand. Another important factor of making profits is to establish credibility among your readers. Earning good reputations to your e-magazine can exactly increase your subscriptions. Psychological readers love reputable readings and they’ll stick to reputable readings. So a good branded e-publication can have long term clients and make long term profits.

Third, find the right distributing channels. Another factor that matters on profit earning is whether you can efficientlydistribute your e-magazine. focus on the hot distributing platforms such as Apple App store, Amozon, and you may find lots of client resources there.

By Matt xiah.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Three reasons to convert PDF magazine into HTML flipbook publication

When we come to the reasons why we should go digital publishing, why we should convert original PDF file into page flip e-publication, we would inevitably come to the disadvantages of PDF files andthe advantages of e-magazine. PDF conversion is resulted from PDF’s inefficiency of delivering information. Conventionally enterprises use PDF magazine to do advertising campaign, but it turns out that PDF has limited advertising efficiency. Psychologically people can easily get bored towards static items so PDF files are not preferable readings. Besides, viewers cannot possibly read PDF content before having them downloaded and that easily leads to the loss of potential clients. Some enterprises also choose to print their PDF magazine into paper magazine, expecting a wider range of readers. But that definitely needs a large part of advertising budget, and sometimes paper magazines are not that easy to be distributed. 
So here come the advantages of page flipe-magazines. Conclusively there are three reasons why we should go digital publishing. First e-magazine has vivid page flip animation and convenient navigation bar, more intuitively presenting information to viewers without downloading. Viewers can flip reading your magazine and directly turn to the page they expect. Second flip page e- magazine can be easily published, distributed and shared. You may simply online publish your magazine, people worldwide can easily access to it and social media integration can be so easily realized. Third flip page e-magazine saves your advertising cost and can be so that shop inspiring. Unlike paper magazine, flip page e-magazine, no inferior than the paper one, requires no printing and distributing fees. And huge interactivity of your e-magazine achieves tremendous client engagements.

By Matt Xiah.

Friday, June 20, 2014

3 easy steps to turn static PDF into beautiful page flip eBook

We always believe that if the digital publishing maker is not a foolproof software, it must not be a good software. Flipbuilder is professional digital publishing program, enabling fantastic page turn e-publication creation simply in 3 steps: create, customize, and publish. The whole process requires no computer literacy at all! A mesmerizing e-book will be created simply by dragging, dropping and clicking. First you may drag and drop your PDF into the software, and a page turn e-book project will be created automatically. Then you may customize the background outfit of your book with various templates offered; you may enhance the interactivity of your book by embedding videos, music, images and hyperlinks. Finally there comes the publishing. The software easily realizes online publishing through its cloud hosting service. Allowing your book to be read by everyone in the globe is simply a mouse clicking issue.

Flipbuilder is not only a grand e-magazine maker, but an ideal PDF brochure convertor and excellent PDF catalog creator. Those who engage on business may have long craved a cost effective yet efficient business marketing channel. Flipbuilder offers the solution! Your e-catalog and e-brochure based on flipbuilder can exactly be ideal marketing tools. First they can be so easily distributed and reach people all around the globe and no distributing fees needed.  Besides, hugely inspiring and dynamic content of your e-publications enables high client conversion rates. Your E-catalogs or e-brochures eliminates all the disadvantages of your original PDF catalogs or PDF brochures.