Monday, May 28, 2012

How To Use Four Templates To Design Your PDF To Flip Book

How To Use Four Templates To Design Your PDF To Flip Book
– Use PageFlip PDF to Flash Pro Smartly

Designing Your PDF to Flip Book will be an enjoyable activity when you convert your PDF file into a flip eBooks. Absolutely if you have a great template which fits your flip book, you will save time and win a good beginning for the eBook designing.

When you run PageFlip PDF to Flash Pro and enter ‘Templates’ select entry, you will find four main templates in the interface. Yes, that’s the basic options for you to decorate your flip book. I will intrude these four templates for you.

Classical templates: It’s unadorned style for your flip page book, you PDF to flash book will be shown in the middle of the interface and it make it available to draw all attention of your eBook views. There is a small too bar in the bottom. And even if you don’t need it, you can hide it to keep it more concise when you design your page turning book.

Float templates: This template brings you more function to your flip book interface. You can show your website address in the top of the flipping book. There is a reaching frame on the right corner of the floating window. The outer and inner backgrounds will bring you brilliant background effect. Of course you can adjust toolbar position as well.

Neat templates: This stylish and fresh template is different from the above two. The biggest features are to help you add your company logo in the obvious position and you can have transparent thumbnails showing way in the flip book. All this will help you build your neat publication.

Spread templates: This template change the toolbar position. It keeps the toolbar on the left and top of your flash flipping book. So if you don’t want to show the toolbar on the bottom, you can try this Spread template. It will give your readers another view feeling.

You can choose one of these templates according to your needs. Then make a further design for your digital book. Such as import images as a background picture and change toolbar color.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Three Output Options When Publishing 3D Page Flip Book

As we open the 3dpageflip software to convert a PDF document to a flip book with flipping pages, we set designing, change templates, design tool bar distribution. We prepare a lot to make the page flip book beautiful and perfect. Now we want to publish it out. No one wants to hide such beautiful thing to enjoy by himself.

At this moment, three options have been provided in the flip book software for you to choose.
They are HTML, ZIP, and EXE format. I will give a detailed introduction in the following passage.

HTML:  This option will help you publish your flash book online ad a webpage.
           What you can do?
           1. Set output folder and file name, set HTML title. What is HTML title? It’s an explanation of the title tag used in HTML pages. Views can see it in the top of a webpage.
           2. Also make Mobile Make:  when you choose this option, some related file will be built under your output folder. You need to upload this file to your website. When you surf the internet by your mobile phone, we can view the 3d flash flip book as well.
           3. Make Epub: This will allow reading the digital page turning book with Epub. It’s kindly for you to set title, author, publisher, and comment for Epub.
Burn to CD: convenient to bring.

ZIP:  All setting feature are the same as HTML. It zips the HTML file into a package.

EXE:  this is published as an executable program. You can run it in Microsoft Windows, Symbian, and OS/2 operating systems to view your page flip book directly.
         What you can do?
         1. Set output folder and file name, set HTML title.
         2. Take an advanced setting for the exe format: caption in EXE window, icon for exe file, even window size option is available.

Potential Zoom in Function for PDF to Flip Book – by PageFlip to Flash Professional

Flipping book is a kind of eBook with real book like layout. We can use it as a way of reading. If you read PDF document or word document, you may need a reader, such as PDF reader. However, when you convert PDF file into a flash flip book, no more reader is required. Because it can be published into EXE format which allowed to be opened directly in your computer. In addition, you can publish as a HTML file and make it available to view online. Even more, if you need to read it in a mobile phone like iphone. You can convert with the mobile format as well withPageFlip to Flash Professional – the comprehensive software to publish pdf to flip book. Of course, if you don’t need the function of PageFlip to Flash Professional, you can choose the easy one without page editing function like PageFlip to Flash. Then you may discover some demands because you may find it hard to read on a small screen. You desire to zoom in the page you are reading.

So what can we do for this requirement?
Here are some potential tips for you. It’s not noticed in the masses of setting fuctions.

Take PageFlip to Flash Professional as an example:

1. Start up zoom function to allow local amplification in the flip page. You can find the setting section in the ‘Design Setting panel’ by pull down the slider. It’s belong to ‘Tool bar setting>Button Bar>Zoom Config’. Choose ‘Yes’ in ‘Zoom in enable’. Then click ‘Apply Change’ in the navigation bar. In this case, you can zoom in the flash book page by click zoom in button in the flash book window. And you can zoom in with the size you like through adjusting the slider in the flash window .You can move the page by drag the page without loosening your hand.


2. However, if you want to keep the page move following the moving mouse, you can take a further setting. Choose ‘Yes’ in ‘Scroll with mouse’ next to ‘Zoom in enable’. Then apply. Then you can move the flip page without clicking or dragging your mouse.

3. You can change zoom in button color by ‘Font>Buttons>Font Color’.

4. If you have link to website in the flipping page, you can define it to be available or not when you zoom in the page. Come to the last setting place and choose ‘enable’ in ‘Flash control settings>Links>Enable after zoom in’.  

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Main Page Editing Function in The 3D Pageflip Professional – add link, image, Youtube, Icon, sound, movie to the flipping page

As flipping book popular today, more and more requirements from page flip book users have arisen. 3D Pageflip Professional is the one which is more advanced than other 3D Pageflip products. Its flipping page editing function allows everyone to enrich their digital 3D book content. It’s not only beautifyingfunctions for flipping book layout, but also interactive and practical function for flipbook users.

Add link to flipping book:
This is a convenient entry from your flip lash book to your home page or other website. It’s the bridge to connect the relative information.

Insert a movie to the flash flip book from your computer:
Here allow you to pick up your movie when you convert PDF to your 3D page flip book. In this case, an interactive the reading place will be created for your flip book readers.

Set photos to the page turning book pages:
With ‘Add Image’ button, you can build more images in the eBook page. Even more, some actions are for you to choose. They would help you improve flipping book usability. For example, choose ‘Go to page’ action you can move the another page when you click the inserted image. Choose ‘Photo slideshow’ you can gain a different photo showing way in the eBook.

Add sound through drawing a music player:
This is a little like PowerPoint, you can add sound and control it to play with some pre-setted actions.

Import a flash like floating petals around the eBook page:
Not only floating petals effect can be creates, but also a shining banner can be inserted in the eye-catching area of the eBook.

Add button to the flip pages of eBook:
This can be the similar application as the images. But it’s a button, not an image. You can download some icon online (SWF fornat) to help you embed a button in the page flip book.

Create Youtube window to see video:
With this function, you just need to copy down the Youtube ID and paste it in the relevant place of the flip book software. Easy and convenient operation!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

PageFlip Shopping Flash for commercial use – Make an online shopping flipping book for products.

In today’s digital world, page flipping book is used widely in many different field. It can be some commemorative gift for personal use or it may be apply in commercial field. For example, some online shopper uses the flipping eBook to show products to customers instead of displaying their products stiffly on the e-shop. Even some businessman use digital page flip book to replace the leaflet to improve working efficiency because of they can send an online eBook through email instead of mail a paper one. That is more useful than page flip effect.

So, how to make a shopping flipping book? There are many kinds flipping book software online for you to choose. But I think PageFlip Shopping Flash will be the more professional one. It’s used to create shopping flip flash book with its proprietary function.

The following I will talk about the smart tips to use this software to make a pdf to flip book.

As we want to create a shopping flip book, we may draw a picture for the eBook. For example, the front page as the cover of the flipping book; the second and third page for the main and competitive products; then the following pages to display other goods; finally you should leave the last page for ending the eBook.

Ignore the ordinary setting for a flash flipping book; let’s start to learn the special function to a shopping eBook. Let’s take the plan above as an example.

  1. 1.What can you put in the cover? I think a company logo and picture will be a good choice. You can add side show for the company image. What’s more, make the image zoom in when the mouse move close it. In this case, customer will attract by the zoom in picture and when they click it, more images of your company will be shown to them.

  1. 2.Add flash to the cover. For example, you can gain floating bubbles effect if you add related flash. This will be so eye-catching and beautify the interface. In Another Example, you can add flash advertisement banner to get advertising effects.

    3.What’s more, add your website link as to guide your customers to your home page. This is a well application in business.

    4.Let’s go to the products flip pages. You can choose ‘Add text Button’ to draw a product link. Some shopping buttons have been offered in this software for you to apply, such as price icon, buy icon and more! If you find it not enough to use, you can import more.

OK, if you discover the detailed function by yourself carefully, I believe you can build more creative shopping pdf to flip book. If you use it in the right way, it will Played A Huge Role in your online shopping business.

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Flash Problems Occured in 3D Pageflip Pro - About adding flash to flip book pages

Today here I would like to talk about the flash adding function in 3D Pageflip Professional. What’s the problem?

Have you ever found that the flash you added in the pages were not same with the effect you saw at the moment you downloaded? One time, you opened the page editor in the 3D Pageflip Professional and started to insert a SWF file to the flip page. You pulled out a square frame and input a flash. Then you found that it was with the wrong size. Maybe it was too smaller than that you have imagining. Even more, sometimes it was floating outside the square frame. And you had no idea to solve the problems. At that time you may think, oh, what had happened to my software? Does anything wrong with my 3D Pageflip Professional?

Problem 1:

Problem 2:

Problem 3:

OK, just calm down. Nothing is wrong with your software or flipping page editor.

Firstly, because of the Flash version and code writing, some error will come out when you are adding flash to page flip book. This will cause the problems such as showing in wrong extent, becoming transparent or black. Flash is written in a special way and when loading flash, these problem occurred. And the root method to solve the problem is to rewrite flash with the newest flash editor, such as Adobe Flash cs5.

Of course, rewrite flash is difficult for us. We simplify it by saying this: download the latest flash version which is written by the newest flash editor, then import to the page editor. Even more, you can adjust the flash size through adjusting the size of square frame you have drawn.

Warn tip here:
Please save your work content before you add flash to your flash flip book pages, in order to prevent the program crashing when you are add flash that still exit problems and affect the program.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Use PageFlip PDF to Flash Professional Cleverly

Use PageFlip PDF to Flash Professional Cleverly
– Add Flash, photo slideshow, Youtube, Icon and so on

Have you ever imagine reading book with snow floating around the eBook page? Do you like viewing video with some words description in the page? Have you ever thought that you may go to another website through the UDL link inserted in the flipping book page?

That is the wonderful feature of PageFlip PDF to Flash Professional. I think there are some smart skills to help you design a pdf to flip book with vivid flash and interactive effect.

  1. 1. Add Flash(swf.)
This is the effect that pleases flipping book views. You can download flash file as SWF format from the internet, then enter PageFlip PDF to Flash Professional’s page editing interface. Just draw a block as the area of validity. Next, import your swf file from your computer and you can see snow floating, rain drop falling down, or bubbles blowing and so on.

    2. Add Icon
This is another prominent feature. You can add an icon to press in whichever pages of the page flip book as you like. With the icon, you can jump to another page, open a link of a website, play a slidshow, play audio, open flash window and so on. In addition, you can get your favorite icon from outside as your icon symbol.

  1. 3. Add Youtube
  • Through this function, you can draw a video window in the pdf to flip book page. In this case, you can design actions of playing or stopping movie for the page flip book. The action I would list as below.

  • Play movie:
    When click Play button
    When enter the page
    When leave the page
    Play movie:
    When click stop button
    When enter the page
    When leave the page

  • 4. Add photo Slide Show
What’s a photo slide show? It’s a way to show photos for you. When you click the slideshow icon, a photo will occur to you. If you have imported more than one images, it will play with sliding effect. It’s a special way for photo showing in the page flip book.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Comparison Between 3D Page Flip Pro And 3D Page Flip Standard

3D PageFlip series includes several kinds of products. 3D PageFlip Standard is the main software and 3D PageFlip Pro is the newest product which will become competitive as 3D PageFlip Standard. What the same and different feature between them? What is the selection standard for you? Read the following text to gain more. What the page flip book you are going to get all depend on your pdf to flip software.

The same feature:
They are all helpful page flip book conversion to convert PDF to page turning book.
They can publish with HTML, ZIP, EXE format and even convert to Mobile Version or burn to CD.
They can create wonderful flash flip book with page turning effect and customize many details for the eBook layout. Such as templates, book title, book information, tool bar color, flash buttons language, flip speed, background music or flip sound, page thickness, book auto scale, tilt angle, eBook logo and so on.
They all can use in SEO work and get Google Analytics. What’s more, share with others and accview record in sharing Analytics.

The different feature:
It is exactly to say that 3D Page Flip Pro is the improved version of 3D page flip Standard. It added a great and powerful editing function to the 3D Page Flip Standard to make it a professional one. With this function, you can edit every PDF page in the flash flip book software. You can add flash (swf) to the page of the digital eBook to boost the vivid effect. You can insert related video from Youtube to impressive readers. You can even add a button to click in the pages for convience.

All in all, if you want to convert PDF to flash page flip book just for reading without any further needs, you can take 3D Page Flip Standard. Otherwise, you can take 3D Page Flip Pro to have more powerful page editing functions.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Five Points to Decorate Your PDF to Flip Book

Pageflip PDF software is the technology used in creating different kinds of digital eBooks, such as digital books for business use, realistic magazines, other brochures or flash journals. More and more people have discovered the benefits of the flash flipping book. Not only because it has the book-like page turning effect, but also because its utility.

Well, as we all close attention to flash flipping book, I would like to share my three main points to decorate the flip book in the Pageflip PDF software. You can take it as a suggestion. If you have some better idea, share with me. Let’s make our flip book more beautiful.

  1. 1.Layout
Layout is the window of the PDF to flip book. It faces to all the viewers of the flash book. What it is will affect the viewers’ feeling directly. Sure, you should make sure your background pictures are the one match your flipping book, don’t make it a pretty fish book with dark hell background. It’s really not good. Remember to change the tool bar color in order to make it more harmonious in the book. Then maybe the book margin, flash window color, and the font color are for you to pay attention. Be a careful person in every detail.

  1. 2.Content
Content not only means your article or pictures in the pdf to flip book, but also the digital effect in the flash book. I mean you can add link to the page, such as a link to Youtube to share video in the page. Or you can add pictures or article to it. But I would mention here, the Pageflip PDF to Flash Pro has these functions and the Pageflip PDF Flash didn’t, it is the ordinary one.

  1. 3.Book information
Fill in your book information. Maybe it’s not eye-catching in your page flip book. But it can protect your pdf to flip book copyright. Well, it also let the book seem so wholesome.

These are three main points. There must be more details for us to decorate our page flip book. Let’s discover it and share more.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Some Reasons make use of 3D Webpage Flip Ebook

Some Reasons make use of 3D page Flip Ebook

Nowadays, flipping ebook is an increasing number of popular with today’s a digital world. You possibly can convert almost any file, like PDF into a page use book. As we found on the internet, you will discover so many varieties of flip book which provide us a large choice. 3D page flip ebook is at least one and it‘s a bit different on the traditional one featuring a three dimensional consequence. It are often more realistic such as a book mainly because its stable view. And so, why most of us use like books? We would give people four good reasons that why you make use of such ebooks. Move within the following test out.
One. Wonderful show that's different by real ebook.
The almost all twinkling feature on the book is usually its webpage turning consequence. You incorporate the use of the computer mouse button dragging this flip page together with using ones hand to help flip an authentic book. It’s vivid rather than just like this rigid PDF file. What’s far more, you incorporate the use of other consequence, such seeing that videos, pics, hyperlink, logos and many others, to add the page turning book to help rich it is content. You can modify colors in addition to design webpage flip ebook background so that it will compliment your 3 dimensional page use book topic.
Two. Conveniently to put on in great quantity of persons.
Since people improve the products your 3 dimensional page use book through that way that it will eventually attract far more readers, you possibly can send the item to friends to be a gift or allow it to become a solution brochure on your customers. All the more, you can certainly share PDF online in such special technique, put your blog on the item or ones videos on there and many people will learn you.
Three. Provide help to run your online business and strengthen publicity.
For the reason that second position mentioned, you possibly can convert ones PDF into a 3d pageflip ebook. Display ones product pictures on there with hyper web page link. You can certainly add brand on it or possibly lively advertising campaign video. Then post online or maybe burn into a CD to be a Propaganda treat. This is an alternative way to show ones goods on your customers.
Four. You will likely be Friendly towards environment.
Or even think on the environmental meaning in this 3d page flip ebook? You incorporate the use of the guide online rather then publishing report books. How crucial to make the item a paperless earth. If you make use of page use book, your are performing something an excellent option for human beings.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Clever Method to Select an appropriate Page Flip Book Producer!

Clever Method to Select an appropriate Page Flip Book Producer!

As everyone knows, when a person put SWITCH BOOK within the search motor, we may have a dizzy variety of choices that are offered to all of us. You need to take a moment to observe what the actual difference in between each web  Page Flip  guide. You need to read lots of article concerning the page switch book transformation. Even much more, you will discover all the actual softwares tend to be so similar with one another.

Now I'd share my personal selection teach of believed here and you will take it like a reference.
First of all, make certain what file you will convert. A PDF or perhaps a PPT document? Then you'll find that type of software straight. Once you have to convert a number of documents along with different structure to web page flip publications, you can pick the all in a single converter. Then you will lay aside many since you will you don't need to buy lots of single Page Flip software programs.

Secondly, consider what function you'll need in the flipping guide and create them lower. Then you are able to compare all the software by discover the primary function. In this instance you don’t have to read repetitive words. Maybe you want to convert PDF to some flip guide with simply page switching effect. Or you'll need more unique effect within the page switch book, for example adding the video towards the PDF, insert the flash to the page, or even something other people. If you're clear about these, you'll improve your own seeking procedure. And what’s much more, it will help you avoid purchasing the one with an excessive amount of needless perform.

After just about all, you have to compare the buying price of each turning book and choose the the majority of substantial 1. You have to contact the organization to ensure the after-sell support is OKAY. It’s really impotant if your software program have difficulties, there will be someone in order to assistant a person solving the issue.

I desire you to achieve the most appropriate  Page Flip  book software program!

Monday, May 7, 2012

know more about 3DPageFlip software after I registered one


Q: Can I know more about 3DPageFlip software after I registered one?

When you registered your 3DPageFlip software to make flash flipping book, you may need to know how to use it or you may want to find out your registered key if you have forgotten. So how can you get such information in the software? Let start to have a look. The following test will help you to know more about your 3DPageFlipsoftware when you are making a page flip book!

Step1: Open the 3DPageFlip software on your computer and turn to the ‘Home’ column and choose ‘About’.

Step2: If you want to get to our website to learn more, you can click the link in the ‘About’ interface. If you want to find out your registered key, you can get it in the bottom of the interface. If you no need to do anything, you can just click ‘Quit’.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Know how many people shared my page flip book

learn more about:

Q: Can I know how many people shared my page flip book?

We desire to share our page flip book with others when published online. However, how can we know the quantity of the people who shared our page flip book? The page turning software has the function to help you work out the record. You just need to do something before you create the 3d page flip book!

Firstly, you should apply an ID from Then write down the ID. Then you should check your ID in the blank of ‘Analytics’ in ‘Flash Control Settings’. In the end, publish the flash flipbook and you can know how many people shared your eBook in your account record!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Share a flip book with my friend through Email

know more about:

Q: How can I share a flip book with my friend through Email?

Everyone prefers to share good things with his or her friends, even with regards to 3d page flip books. I think the fastest and easiest way is to send Email with the 3d page flip to your friends since Email is the popular and useful social intercourse. So let’s go and find out how to share the 3d pageflip book with your friends by Email.

Firstly, import PDF file to the 3D PageFlip Book software and design the book with the Page Layout function.

Secondly, publish the 3D flash flipping book you’ve made in the first step. And turn to the tool bar, you can see the ‘Share’ button. Click it and a menu will occur. Choose ‘Email a friend’ and a web page will pop up. You need to fill in the blank form with the emailing information and send to your friend. That’s finished!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flip to the targeted page in the 3d page flip book immediately

let's visit:

Q: Can I flip to the targeted page in the 3d page flip book immediately?

Not all the PDF file are of the same size. Sometimes we may import a PDF with hundreds and thousands of pages. After converting it into a flip book, you will find thepage flip book also has the large quantity of pages. When you want to turn to page 89, you may need to flip the pages with 89 clicks. How boring and waste time it is! So let’s learn a good way to make it easier to go to the targeted page when you face a huge flash flipping book!

Look here! Move your mouse to the tool bar at the bottom center of the PDF to flash application. You can find a page column in the middle which shows the page number of the opening page. Check the page number of the page you want in that column and press ‘enter’. Then you will get to the flipping page within very short time! How effective it is! Go on wheels with the 3d page flip book!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Set the position for the background picture in the 3D PageFlip software

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Q: Can I set the position for the background picture in the 3D PageFlip software?

When you want to import a picture and set it as the background for the page flip book, you may find some pictures from the internet or other place. However, not all size of the pictures you found fits the size of the 3d page flip book background. Absolutely there are ways to solve these problems. You can set the pictures position to make it suitable to the screen of the page turning book, even make it suitable when it flip for mac.

The steps will be introduced as below.

Step1: Start up the 3d page flip software and click ‘Page Layout’ in the navigation bar.

Step2: Move to the fourth column ‘Background Conflig’ and import the picture. Then click ‘Position’ and select the right effect. You can check ‘Apply Change’ to see every effect of the position setting.