Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Free PDF to Page Turner to Deliver Rich Visual Contents

Are you interested in creating digital publication with page turning effect? Can’t find a proper free PDF to page turner? Don’t worry. In the post, you will learn to create interesting digital publication from PDF and use it to deliver rich visual contents to your audiences. Then here we will take magazine, flip book and catalog for example. See more example of FlipHTML5: http://fliphtml5.com/html5-flipbook-showcase.php

Create Stunning Magazine
Converting PDF to page turning magazine has never been so easier for free PDF to page turner FlipHTML5. Then what kind of visual content you can deliver with a page flip magazine. For a page flip magazine, you can insert video about your brand introduction, video tutorial, images about product details and link to your online shop or your website. And then you can deliver visual multimedia contents to your audiences with FlipHTML5.

Create Impressive Catalog
If you take good use of FlipHTML5, then you can create impressive and attractive catalog with page turning animation. First of all, you can select a proper template and theme for beautifying your digital catalog. And then you can insert online and offline video for brand storytelling. After that, add image or image slideshow to display details of your products. In addition, you should take full use of e-ecommerce elements to create a shippable digital catalog. For example, you can insert shopping cart, link and Paypal information in order to make purchase quickly and easily. Then that’s how FlipHTML5 help you deliver visual contents of digital catalog.

Create Awesome Flip Book

There is no doubt that video is one of the most visual and effective way to deliver messages to others. And relevant images can help readers to understand your words easier. Anyway, animation editor of FlipHTML5 allows you to make your content attractive and vivid by inserting wonderful multimedia elements. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Best Free Video Slideshow Maker to Produce a Professional Slideshow Video

As we know that image slideshow is a good way to present product. Then do you know it is possible to make video from your slideshow? Compared with video, slideshow is not that convenient for share widely. If you are interested in making video slideshow, you should try free video slideshow maker Focusky. First of all, Focusky will help you enrich your slideshow with multimedia contents. Secondly, there are awesome transition effect and animation effect to make your slideshow attractive. Thirdly, you can publish your presentation to video and share it to social networking. Here we go.

Enrich Slideshow
It is well known that content is the king of your slideshow especially visual content. Anyway, with the help of Focusky (visit homepage), users can create visual multimedia contents for content marketing and audiences with ease. There are multiple useful multimedia elements in Focusky for enriching slideshow. What you need to do is to insert the elements you need and make your slideshow shine. Even though you convert it to video, multimedia contents can be display correctly.

Stunning Transition and Animation Effect
Awesome transition makes slideshow vivid and attractive. Stunning transition effect such as rotate will make your presentation slideshow stylish and impressive. It is an effective way to engage your audiences and capture their attention. What’s more, you are able to customize in and out animation effect to make every objects vivid. By the way, video slideshow will keep your transition and animation effect.

Produce Video Slideshow
After that it is time to produce your professional looking slideshow to video. And the default format of video is MP4. It may take several minutes while publishing video. Furthermore, inserting background music is allowed before you publish your video slideshow.

Share to Social Networking
Once you finish converting, you can start to upload your video online. Once it is online, you are able to embed it into your website, and share the link to social networking. And then people can watch your video on their mobile devices with ease. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Top Digital Publishing Platform to Create Digital Publication Online

Digital publishing is definitely the new trend in recent years. Then do you have any ideas about digital publishing platform? Digital publishing platform allows you to design and publish your digital publication with ease. What’s the most wonderful is that you can upload PDF online and create online digital publication directly. Flip HTML5 is one of the top and popular digital publishing platforms in the market.

Flip HTML5 is digital publishing platform in a full range. With Flip HTML5, you can easily start with uploading PDF and turn them into browser-based online editions such as digital magazine, digital brochure and more. Furthermore, digital edition made by Flip HTML5 is compatible with almost all of browsers on different mobile devices like PC, tablet and smartphone.

1.       Registration
You can sign up quickly with some basic information such as email and password then you can create a Flip HTML5 account. Anyway, Flip HTML5 uses account instead of licenses. As you know that there are four user types here, you can check your user type in account information.

2.       Upload
Once registered, you are able to upload PDF file and convert it into digital publication online. Now Flip HTML5 only support to create online edition from PDF so far. Anyway, you can select to create after uploading successfully and keep your editions private here.

3.       Customize
Now you can get start to customize book information, template and theme setting, advanced settings and more. If you want to add multimedia contents into digital publication, you have to download desktop version of Flip HTML5. And online digital publishing platform allows you to customize some based settings of toolbar, branding and gallery of digital publication.

4.       Publish

Then one simple button helps you to start generating your digital publication online. With Flip HTML5, you can make it reach by more audiences via sharing to social networking. And promote your digital edition by sending email to your subscribers with ease. And you can embed digital edition into your website to help attract more traffic for your website. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Online Brochure Maker Helps Build Strong Audiences Relationship

To make your digital publication or digital content to be reached out directly all over the world is one of the effective ways to build strong audiences relationship. Then why reach is so important? Reach means helping deliver digital content or information to your readers worldwide in order to build strong audiences relationship and promote your business. Without a doubt, it is digital publishing age and publishers still try hard to make successful content strategy to increase sales and reach. Is there an effective solution to create wonderful digital content and deliver reach worldwide?

With Flip HTML5, you are able to upload digital content once, create interesting digital content and read it on different mobile devices and browsers. Flip HTML5 is easy-to-use online brochure maker for creating digital brochure content with stunning page flip effect. Then how to create gorgeous digital contents and deliver it to readers worldwide with Flip HTML5?

Digital content is important for a digital online brochure. Interesting contents can attract users’ attention and be willing to share them. Flip HTML5 provides users with professional animation editor for inserting dazzling multimedia contents like text, image, video and hotspot on your online brochure.

If you would like to make a successful content strategy and marketing strategy, you should promote or spread your digital content in different channels. Flip HTML5 is that kind of powerful online brochure make to create html5 based online brochure. It means you are able to deliver your digital content through diverse channels and platform to build strong audiences relationship. What’s more, Flip HTML5 allows you to share your digital content to social media, email to your circles and embed into blog or website to reinforce reach worldwide. 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Instantly transform PDF brochure into responsive media online

Today you must have noticed that mobile phone can perform a lot more than make and receive telephone calls. Multiple fabulous media revolutionizes itself into the mobile world already. With the galloping development of modern technologies, the screen size margin of your readership could be anything in-between a 30” desktop monitor and a 3.5” iPhone’s screen. To answer a double purpose, it’s wise to optimize our website and online publication that fits all mobile devices for excellent user experience.

So you decide to make the plunge for a responsive media that works great on all mobile devices. One cannot make bricks without straw. Professional publication software for PDF to brochure (http://www.flipbuilder.com/convert-pdf-to-brochure.html) would be ideal assistant. Things often changes in a blink of eye. We don’t have to waste too much time on studying the PDF to digital brochure conversion skills. Only a few clicks could complete the conversion.

The world is mobile friendly, so the same to your site. Your WordPress brochure plugin
(http://www.flipbuilder.com/wordpress-pdf-brochure-plugin.html) could be highly advanced for the screen of smartphones, tablets and even phablets (whose screen size is between a phone and a tablet). Otherwise, your published content may risk losing visit as it lost the preference on Google search. As WordPress has become the front for an enterprise webpage, a blog, a magazine or even an e-commerce store, it is one of the most manageable website platforms.

Of course, you want your visitors to enjoy your responsive media online, visit your site often, and engage with you and to convert. Put together a list of popular compatible plugins for WordPress brochure, including sliders, images, videos, personal templates etc. One of the largest advantages of responsive brochure lies in the powerful online sounding board. Useful and attractive digital content could reach the target audiences via Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites. As long as people take a handset with him, your published publications could be read at any minute and then page view would be increased as well.

However, how could you track the footprint of your audiences; who they are, what devices they use, when they visit your brochure, which one they do share to friends. You may be bemused by the tough job of analytics, but Google Analytics could easily offer you a detailed analysis chart that tells you the behavior of your visitors.

If you approve of the power of responsive media, why not experiment one best solution for your digital content. No matter how large your content is, it takes only a few minutes to convert PDF to digital page flip brochure. Get start or you may lose the potential of a mobile readership.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Free Digital Publishing Platform Can Stir Up Readers' Desire to Buy Your Products

Nowadays, shopping online has become so popular all over the world. Then have you even thought about effective method to stir up reader’s desire to buy your product via digital publication? If you would like to create an attractive digital publication, you should create compelling content and share it everywhere.

In the post, we will show you how to create compelling contents to stir up readers’ desire to buy your product. Creating relevant and compelling content of your digital publication is not easy at all, but there are multiple great online tools to help. Free digital publishing platform AnyFlip is one of the useful tools to help you generate and share contents to attract users.

Creating Compelling Content
Since digital content is quite important for a digital publication, then you should create really compelling content that users are interested in. With AnyFlip, generating wonderful content has never been so easier. Desktop version of AnyFlip provides professional page editor for users to insert image, video, audio, link and more vivid contents into digital publication with ease. And then you can upload it online to continue.

Insert Ecommerce Element
Inserting ecommerce elements into digital publication is one of the easy ways to stir up readers’ desire to buy your product. Anyway, AnyFlip allows you to insert buy link, buy now button, hotspot and shopping cart into digital publication to lead users to buy in a convenient way.

Sharing Digital Content

Sharing and embedding digital publication to everywhere is an effect way to increase exposure of your product. And sharing to social networking can reach more global audiences and build your brand awareness. Once your digital publication is with interesting and useful contents, then it can help to boost sales quickly. 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Most Effective Digital Marketing Instruments Page Flip eBrochure & eCatalog

Nowadays, it is well known that how important digital marketing is. Thanks to the rapid development of technology, we can make our business global and sell it to the world through the Internet online. Anyway, more and more companies are carving out virtual space to respond to customers, build connection with customer and tell their brand story in a visually-engaging way. As we know there are many useful and helpful digital marketing instruments in the market. Then in the article, we will take the most effective digital marketing instruments page flip ebrochure and ecatalog for example.

Select Page Flip Brochure or Catalog Software

In the beginning, you should select appropriate page flip software to create page flip ebrochure and shoppabledigital catalog for your business. Here I recommend PUB HTML5. PUB HTML5 is powerful page flip software for creating impressive page flip eBrochure and eCatalog from PDF, MS office and images with simple steps.

Create Wonderful Content for Digital Marketing

In order to stand out above the digital marketing, you’d better to create attractive, interactive and responsive content of digital catalog and brochure. With PUB HTML5, powerful animation editor allows you to insert animation multimedia contents including video, text, image, hotspot and more into page flip brochure. Then you are able to customize timeline among different animation multimedia contents. In addition, PUB HTML5 provides you a simple way to add action and event editor above inserted objects.

Reach your Audiences Easily

Combine different digital marketing tools, it may have unexpected surprise and harvest. For example, you can share your page flip brochure and shoppable digital catalog to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and more. Furthermore, you can have a try of embedding page flip catalog or brochure into Tumblr or email to your customers. However, they will be an effective way to get closer to your customers.

Get Feedback from Customer

Anyway, the feedback from customer is quite important for adopting highlight points of digital marketing strategy. Then you can insert Google Analytics ID into page flip book by PUB HTML5, so you can track the performance of digital publication in different platform. After that, you can analytics the data and adopt the content for digital marketing.