Friday, August 10, 2012

New Pageflip Office to Flash Launched With Comprehensive Conversion Functions

New and comprehensive flipbook creator - Pageflip Office to Flash has been launched by PageFlipPDF Company. This advantageously software has great conversion functions that allow users to convert PDF documents, Microsoft office documents, text documents, etc to stunning flipping book with page turning effects and wonderful reading auxiliary supporting features like share platform, bookmark navigation, own information inserted and so on. This new software reflected the technological progress of flipping book developer. It’s not only a creation for flipbook marketing, but also an innovation for digital reading habit. People can not only save document as word, excel, pdf, images file, but also can convert these files to flipping book and spread online or offline easily and directly. To some extent, this kind of software will improve the quality and efficiency for sharing information and delivering resources.

office to flash

Features for Pageflip Office to Flash:
1. Create fantastic flipping book online and offline with flash page turning effects from all office (like*.ppt,*.doc,*.docx,*.pptx,*.xlsx,*.xls,*.docx,*.vsd, etc) 
2. Various output type:*.html,*.zip,*.exe,*.app and burn to CD are offered and allows to make mobile version format.
3. Comprehensive decorating setting options like tool bar, background, sound, bookmark, Thumbnail panel, book own information and more.
4. Share with people (friends, family, company partners) via e-mail, social website easily and directly.
5. SEO supported and command line mode to convert without opening the GUI program.
6. Provide classical, float, spread templates to customize the flash template and free updating theme for download.

PageFlipPDF Company is trying their best to help users create realistic flipping book from all kinds document. As the manager said, customers were god and they would keep updating for Pageflip Office to Flash with more functions and fixed bugs. That gives great guarantee to software users.  It’s easy to say that 128 dollars for this software is cost-effective with its free lifetime updates. The more information about Pageflip Office to Flash is on its homepage:

About Pageflip PDF to Flash:
Pageflip PDF to Flash is a flipping book company which aims to develop perfect flipping book software with powerful functions. The mission of the company is to improve the field of PageFlip Flash Book by creating more complete product to view digital publications online and offline. If you want to know more about Pageflip PDF to Flash, visit:

Pageflip PDF to Flash

Get to our PDF to PageFlip Book software:

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