Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Make products searchable in shopping flip catalog?

When you deliver a shopping catalog by PageFlip Shopping Flash, you will have a lot of products showing in many flipping page. The rich content and powerful products will attract a lot of customers. How can you help them to find out their most interesting products in flipping brochures? Of course make your eBook searchable will be a good choice! They can use it as a searching engineer to find out what they want.
Step1: Click “Import Shopping Catalog” to import PDF to flash book. Tick “Enable Search” in the import interface.
import PDF to flash

Step2: Choose “Show” in “Search > Search Button”.
Choose “Show” in “Search > Search Button”

Step3: Click search button in the flipping book tool bar to use search function.
Click search button in the flipping book tool bar to use search function
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