Tuesday, July 17, 2012

How to Create Page Turning for a PDF

Page turning--sometimes called page "flipping" or "flip book"--in a PDF or any other document type refers to a process of scrolling through a document page by page. You can set page-turning options in PDFs with Acrobat Pro's "Transitions" option. Transitions can either turn the PDF's pages automatically, after a set number of seconds or interactively--when a PDF's user clicks her mouse or presses PageUp or PageDown on her keyboard.


    • 1
      Open a multi-page PDF in Acrobat Pro. Click "File" on the menu bar, then select "Open" to display the Open dialog box. Find the PDF, select it and then click the "Open" button.
    • 2
      Click "Advanced" on the menu bar and choose "Document Processing." Then select "Page Transitions" from the Document Processing fly-out menu. This opens the Set Transitions dialog box.
    • 3
      Click the "Transitions" drop-down and choose the type of transition effect you want between pages. There are several effects here, including wipes, fades and even No Transition. These are similar to the transitions found in presentation programs such as PowerPoint.
    • 4
      Click the "Direction" drop-down to choose the direction of your transition. For example, if you choose a "Wipe" transition and a "Left Down" direction, the transition wipes down from the left corner of the page.
    • 5
      Click the "Speed" drop-down and choose a speed for your transition.
    • 6
      Click the "Auto Flip" check box if you want your pages to turn automatically. Then set the number of seconds to display each page in the "After" field. Uncheck "Auto Flip" if you want the user to control page turning.
    • 7
      Click "OK" to close Set Transitions. To see the transitions, click "View" on the menu bar and choose "Full Screen Mode." To exit Full Screen Mode, press the "Esc" key on your keyboard.
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Tips & Warnings

  • You can set a different transition for each page in the Page Range section of the Set Transitions dialog box. This is somewhat tedious, however; because you have to re-open and close the dialog box for each page.
  • You can add a navigation bar to the PDF in Full Screen Mode from the Preferences dialog box. Click "Edit" on the menu bar and choose "Preferences." Select "Full Screen" in the "Categories" list to the display the full screen options. Click the "Show navigation bar" check box under the "Full Screen Navigation" section, and then click "OK."

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