Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to Convert JPEG Images into a Flipping Book

Some flip book conversion programs allow you to convert a group of JPEG image files into one flipping book. This is ideal if you have created a high color brochure or magazine, save the pages as JPEGs, and want to display them only in the flipping format.

Find a flip book conversion service or program that allows you to convert JPEGs. Page-flip.com is one such service.

Gather all of your JPEGs into one folder and name each one by page (page1.jpeg, page2.jpeg and so on).

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Open the flip book software and navigate to the folder that holds all of your JPEGs. This will tell the software where to pull the image files from.

Click "Convert." The software will change the JPEGs into flash SWF files and then group them into one flipping book. Upload the files to your web server according to the instructions. If you use online software, the provider might just keep the files on its own server and simply give you an HTML link to your flip book.

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