Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Design Compay Logo for Flipping shopping eBook

Logo is brand of company which is unique and particular. It is used to display on products or propaganda materials. A great logo can deliver the company concept and culture to its customers and to the public. If a company’s strategic is brand route, logo will play more important than usual. This is the same for a flipping book for business. It’s absolutely that a digital book with company logo will increase impression of customers. In addition, they will remember your logo, even your company and products which will bring potential profit forward.

Here will introduce how to use logo in flipping shopping eBook. Make sure you have install PageFlip Shopping Flash – the PDF to flash flipping book creator for business.

Firstly, set a big company logo with link in the tool bar of the shopping book. Tool bar is the most eye-catching place of a flash flipping book. Everybody will view it once they open the book. That’s the most suitable bait for leading people to click logo link and visit your website.

tool bar of the shopping book

Secondly, use “Edit Shopping Cart” to display logo in the flash flip book. You can create a logo image and import it to the eBook page with “Add Image”. You can draw a button in the eBook page with pop-up window. Of course the logo can be display in the pop-up flash window. You can employ someone to make a flash logo with stunning animation effect and insert it to the cover of the flipping book through “Add SWF”. That will be more attractive than any other ways because your logo will dance in the flipping page.

“Edit Shopping Cart” to display logo in the flash flip book

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