Friday, May 4, 2012

Share a flip book with my friend through Email

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Q: How can I share a flip book with my friend through Email?

Everyone prefers to share good things with his or her friends, even with regards to 3d page flip books. I think the fastest and easiest way is to send Email with the 3d page flip to your friends since Email is the popular and useful social intercourse. So let’s go and find out how to share the 3d pageflip book with your friends by Email.

Firstly, import PDF file to the 3D PageFlip Book software and design the book with the Page Layout function.

Secondly, publish the 3D flash flipping book you’ve made in the first step. And turn to the tool bar, you can see the ‘Share’ button. Click it and a menu will occur. Choose ‘Email a friend’ and a web page will pop up. You need to fill in the blank form with the emailing information and send to your friend. That’s finished!

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