Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flip to the targeted page in the 3d page flip book immediately

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Q: Can I flip to the targeted page in the 3d page flip book immediately?

Not all the PDF file are of the same size. Sometimes we may import a PDF with hundreds and thousands of pages. After converting it into a flip book, you will find thepage flip book also has the large quantity of pages. When you want to turn to page 89, you may need to flip the pages with 89 clicks. How boring and waste time it is! So let’s learn a good way to make it easier to go to the targeted page when you face a huge flash flipping book!

Look here! Move your mouse to the tool bar at the bottom center of the PDF to flash application. You can find a page column in the middle which shows the page number of the opening page. Check the page number of the page you want in that column and press ‘enter’. Then you will get to the flipping page within very short time! How effective it is! Go on wheels with the 3d page flip book!

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