Thursday, June 26, 2014

How to earn profits from your multimedia online magazine

Lots of publishers and marketers now publish e-magazine, e-catalog, or other e-publications on the web. And they wonder how to efficiently earn profits from their e-publications. Generally there are two methods to make profits. You may charge readers of accessing to your e-magazine. Or you may charge none accessing fees, earning profits by selling products on your magazine and bringing web traffics to your web store. Whatever the methods, some notions should be kept in mind to win more credits and earn better profits from your e-magazine.

First always know the interests of yourclients. Knowing the interests of your target clients is the crucial part of earning profits. Some people prefer fashion issue. Some are passionate about sports, and some like financial conditions. So when you're designing the contents of your e-magazine, you should meet the demand of your clients and always deliver the contents they are best interested in. Google Analytics is a great tool of tracing the behavior of your clients.

Second, build up your brand and market your brand. Another important factor of making profits is to establish credibility among your readers. Earning good reputations to your e-magazine can exactly increase your subscriptions. Psychological readers love reputable readings and they’ll stick to reputable readings. So a good branded e-publication can have long term clients and make long term profits.

Third, find the right distributing channels. Another factor that matters on profit earning is whether you can efficientlydistribute your e-magazine. focus on the hot distributing platforms such as Apple App store, Amozon, and you may find lots of client resources there.

By Matt xiah.

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