Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Most Effective Digital Marketing Instruments Page Flip eBrochure & eCatalog

Nowadays, it is well known that how important digital marketing is. Thanks to the rapid development of technology, we can make our business global and sell it to the world through the Internet online. Anyway, more and more companies are carving out virtual space to respond to customers, build connection with customer and tell their brand story in a visually-engaging way. As we know there are many useful and helpful digital marketing instruments in the market. Then in the article, we will take the most effective digital marketing instruments page flip ebrochure and ecatalog for example.

Select Page Flip Brochure or Catalog Software

In the beginning, you should select appropriate page flip software to create page flip ebrochure and shoppabledigital catalog for your business. Here I recommend PUB HTML5. PUB HTML5 is powerful page flip software for creating impressive page flip eBrochure and eCatalog from PDF, MS office and images with simple steps.

Create Wonderful Content for Digital Marketing

In order to stand out above the digital marketing, you’d better to create attractive, interactive and responsive content of digital catalog and brochure. With PUB HTML5, powerful animation editor allows you to insert animation multimedia contents including video, text, image, hotspot and more into page flip brochure. Then you are able to customize timeline among different animation multimedia contents. In addition, PUB HTML5 provides you a simple way to add action and event editor above inserted objects.

Reach your Audiences Easily

Combine different digital marketing tools, it may have unexpected surprise and harvest. For example, you can share your page flip brochure and shoppable digital catalog to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and more. Furthermore, you can have a try of embedding page flip catalog or brochure into Tumblr or email to your customers. However, they will be an effective way to get closer to your customers.

Get Feedback from Customer

Anyway, the feedback from customer is quite important for adopting highlight points of digital marketing strategy. Then you can insert Google Analytics ID into page flip book by PUB HTML5, so you can track the performance of digital publication in different platform. After that, you can analytics the data and adopt the content for digital marketing. 

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