Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Three reasons to convert PDF magazine into HTML flipbook publication

When we come to the reasons why we should go digital publishing, why we should convert original PDF file into page flip e-publication, we would inevitably come to the disadvantages of PDF files andthe advantages of e-magazine. PDF conversion is resulted from PDF’s inefficiency of delivering information. Conventionally enterprises use PDF magazine to do advertising campaign, but it turns out that PDF has limited advertising efficiency. Psychologically people can easily get bored towards static items so PDF files are not preferable readings. Besides, viewers cannot possibly read PDF content before having them downloaded and that easily leads to the loss of potential clients. Some enterprises also choose to print their PDF magazine into paper magazine, expecting a wider range of readers. But that definitely needs a large part of advertising budget, and sometimes paper magazines are not that easy to be distributed. 
So here come the advantages of page flipe-magazines. Conclusively there are three reasons why we should go digital publishing. First e-magazine has vivid page flip animation and convenient navigation bar, more intuitively presenting information to viewers without downloading. Viewers can flip reading your magazine and directly turn to the page they expect. Second flip page e- magazine can be easily published, distributed and shared. You may simply online publish your magazine, people worldwide can easily access to it and social media integration can be so easily realized. Third flip page e-magazine saves your advertising cost and can be so that shop inspiring. Unlike paper magazine, flip page e-magazine, no inferior than the paper one, requires no printing and distributing fees. And huge interactivity of your e-magazine achieves tremendous client engagements.

By Matt Xiah.

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