Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Multimedia Flipping Book rocked with lively animated scene

Multimedia Flipping Book rocked with lively animated scene
- Live up eBook layout and improve eBook attractiveness

PageFlipPDF released the newest version for its flipbook software - PageFlip PDF to Flash Professional, which was used to convert PDF to flashmultimedia flipping book. These updates caught most of its users’ eyes with its stunning creation and revolution. The changes not only include new function added and bugs fixed, but also new template inserted. We can totally say that Multimedia flipping book, the eBook with rich fresh content which can be made by the masses easily and quickly, has been updated with wonderful animated layout to replace the traditional one. Now, let all of us get close to this creation.

When users enter PageFlip PDF to Flash Professional, the first thing they can see will be the new demo eBook with multimedia objects in it and animated background. All features, functions, steps and notes are listed clearly in the new demo flipping book with vivid flash, video, links, flash buttons, pop-up image slideshows to tell everyone about how to use this flipbook software and how to easily create such eBook by own! These new changes are shining because its dedicated design and its new flash background. There had been added one tab in left design column to display options of animated scene for flipping books. This column is not the same with normal template options. It’s dependent and could be used while you are in any template of the software. That means you can select to start animated background or cancel by double click the “None” button, then you will get back to the initial template.

Of course, words are not enough to describe such functional flipbook software. The webpage here will show more detailed information about PageFlip PDF to Flash Professional and its demo eBook: http://www.pageflippdf.com/pageflip-pdf-to-flash-pro/index.html. Users can get a visual feast for such multimedia digital publication with page flip effect! Get more information about flipping book from http://www.pageflippdf.com/.

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